It is time to start living the life you deserve.

The Positive Living Group offers alcohol dependence and drug addiction therapy and counseling to adults, children, and adolescents. We also offer treatment to individuals that have a chemical dependence or struggling with mental illness.

The Benefits of Our Program

Our program offers numerous benefits, such as:

Helping Your Mind Overcome Addiction

  • Allows Clear and Better Cognitive Thinking
  • Cutting-Edge Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • We Teach Life Skills for Long-Term Recovery
  • Family Therapy and Educational Groups for Families Affected by Addiction

Healing Your Body

  • A Healthy Body is Required to Combat Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • Can Help You Maintain a Healthy and Active Lifestyle for Better Recovery
  • We Teach Skills to Reduce Cravings to Prevent a Relapse

Healing Your Spirit

  • Assistance in Maintaining a Strong Spirit
  • A Compassionate Environment Where Patients Can Receive Support and Instruction
  • We Monitor the Spiritual Mindsets of Our Patients

Start Your Recovery Today

Set an appointment now and take the first step towards your recovery. Should you require more information about our services, call us at 731-736-4400 for assistance.