Mental Health Therapists in Jackson, Tennessee

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Lytle, LMSW Alyssa specializes in Trauma, Relationship Issues and PTSD. Click Here
  • Kip Cole
    Kip Cole, MS, MDiv Program Manager for Children ages 11+, Couples, & Families.
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  • Teresa Easton
    Teresa Easton, LMSW Teresa is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.
  • Brandi Richmond
    Brandi Richmond, MS Brandi specializes in Trauma, PTSD, Marital and Premarital, and Life Coaching.
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  • Morganne Austin-Dotson
    Morganne Austin-Dotson, LMSW Morganne works with individuals, couples, and families from preteens to adults.
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  • Catherine Hamilton
    Catherine Hamilton, MS Program Manager for Infants, Children & Preteens.
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  • Elizabeth Sellari
    Elizabeth Sellari, MS, ChT, RM Trauma Interventionist & Alternative Therapist
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  • Glen Gaugh
    Glen Gaugh, LMSW Glen specializes in Family Conflict and Relationship Issues, and works with children ages 11+. 
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  • Twana Miller
    Twana Miller Executive Clinical Director & OwnerTrauma Expert
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  • Kimba Patrick
    Kimba Patrick, MS 
  • Kierstie Kirby
    Kierstie Kirby, ClinicianKierstie works with Children and Young Adults

Office Staff

  • Kelsey Ozier
    Kelsey Ozier
    Office Manager
  • Kayla Renfroe
    Kayla Renfroe
    Administrative Assistant

  • Sarah

    Sarah Yelverton
    Marketing Relations Coordinator